Pinrose Fragrances

Pinrose is a young, San Francisco-based fragrance brand that is reimagining the fragrance industry. The new bottle design needed to reimagine the first generation bottle which was an online only product. The new bottle had to be larger and bolder for retail presence.


Product Design







Creative Director

Production Manager

The original bottle was a small, round cylinder which was ideal for an online store and delivery costs. But in a retail environment, amongst other bottles, it came up short.

The result was the same colorful design in a more precious, illuminated bottle. Each bottle was sprayed a unique color so the bottle looked amazing at every angle, facet and light. 


Pinrose uses the science of Synethesia — a brain condition that allows for the simultaneous or joint perception of any of your 5 senses. For example, when certain people with synesthesia smell peony, they may see the color pink. Each color selected for the glass links back to the color of each scent.

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